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Canada Quarter 25 Cent 2015 Celebrating 50 Year Anniversary Flag Coin

Canada Quarter 25 Cent 2015 Celebrating 50 Year Anniversary Flag Coin

Royal Canadian Mint

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We have a Canada 2015 Quarter (25 Cent Coin) celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Flag. The Royal Canadian Mint released of two special 25-cent circulation coins – one in vibrant color and another in classic, non-colored design – marking this significant milestone.

Few symbols resonate with Canadians as profoundly as our national flag, adorned in red and white, proudly showcasing the iconic red maple leaf. The Canadian flag embodies sentiments of pride, valor, freedom, and peace. It stands as one of the most universally recognized national symbols across the globe. Above all, to Canadians, it signifies home. The red maple leaf brings us together, forging a shared identity that bridges our diverse cultures, languages, and beliefs.

The coin is in circulated condition and has not been graded or certified, adding to its vintage charm. 

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