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Blowtorch Butler Stampings & Machine Screws Limited Preston Ontario Canada

Blowtorch Butler Stampings & Machine Screws Limited Preston Ontario Canada

Butler Stampings & Machine Screws

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This is an original Canadian blowtorch from Butler Stampings & Machine Screws Limited from Preston Ontario. Founded in 1892 in Preston, Ontario Canada, Butler produced blow torches from 1940 until the early 1970s. The design and format of their blow torches remained fundamentally the same over this period.

This antique blow torch was mainly used to melt the lead during the welding of the cast iron pipes. Could have been used by plumbers. In original condition with the label partially gone due to age of product. The blowtorch is in very good vintage condition. This is a particularly nice blowtorch, a great collectable, and a super decorative item.

Dimensions (approx.): Height 11' base width 5.5'

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